Accelerate your success with Mound's business assistance services

In addition to a great location, Mound offers advantages that set it apart from the typical business park offering lease space and building sites.  As an economic development organization, Mound Development Corporation, the redevelopment authority for Mound, has cultivated a unique, nurturing environment that helps companies position themselves for success.  The organization partners with companies willing to commit to Mound, and customizes flexible business assistance packages that can help the company achieve its long- and short-term goals.

Mound's advantages are offered to committed tenants through a varied menu that includes flexible lease terms, business support services, and access to resources and contacts such as these:

  • Grant identification, preparation and management - The Mound Development Corporation's grant-savvy staff researches grant opportunities for those with potential to support a tenant company's objectives.  They then work with the business to pursue the grant if it appears to match the company's needs.
  • Flexible, favorable lease terms - Many times flexibility is the key in MDC's approach to lease terms.  Deals have been structured by the Mound Development Corporation to allow a tenant company to reduce short-term lease costs and improve cash flow.  Other deals have allowed a tenant to lease an area larger than that immediately needed to allow for future growth.  In yet another instance, MDC partnered with a tenant to provide the grant match required for participation in Ohio's Third Frontier technology commercialization grant program.  In exchange for a commitment by the company to remain at Mound, MDC provided prototype manufacturing laboratory space at direct cost rather than market rate, and applied the difference to the match requirement.
  • Equipment - In those areas where equipment is still available, favorable terms are available for its purchase.  In other situations, equipment has been leased at no cost to companies as grant match, using current values, for the duration of the grant period.
  • Facility Improvements - Mound Development Corporation offers property and construction management.  In other instances, it has offered the rare capacity to self-finance improvements needed to customize work space for a Mound tenant through creative lease terms.  This represents a great advantage for a growing company that may wish to invest its capital in another aspect of the business.
  • Public relations and marketing assistance - The ongoing public relations and marketing efforts generated by the Mound Development Corporation are good news for many tenants.  Often focused on individual Mound businesses, these efforts increase visibility, exposure and brand recognition in the marketplace.  MDC staff also conducts market research on the company's behalf to identify promising market matches and potential partnerships.
  • Business development assistance - The Dayton region provides great resources - including the Small Business Development Center, Aileron Business Center, the Miami Valley Venture Association, CountyCorp, the Dayton Development Coalition and Wright State University's Raj Soin School of Business - to help businesses establish themselves and grow.  The Mound Development Corporation is well connected to these groups and provides a conduit for tenants to access these organizations and the resources they offer, whether it is to identify partners, financing, business development or marketing.
  • Economic development and technology networks - Throughout the Dayton region and the state of Ohio, numerous economic development and technology organizations provide venues for professionals from large and small businesses, governments, public agencies and universities to network and exchange valuable information.  Through Mound's memberships in BusinessFirst! - and those of tenants themselves - a powerful conduit is providing access to more than 90 organizations that are in place for tenants to learn about topics pertinent to their business, attend conferences and trade shows, and connect with potential customers and suppliers.
  • Purchase and lease opportunities on existing buildings and acreage

How deals are structured at Mound

Each deal with a prospective tenant or owner is creatively customized to meet the company's needs while also benefitting the long-term success of the Mound Business Park.

The process begins with a needs assessment.  We work with the company's principals to determine needs and how Mound's resources might support those needs.  The assessment takes into consideration these factors:

  • Does Mound's existing facilities, real estate development sites and/or infrastructure meet the company's needs?
  • If facility improvements would be needed, what resources are available to pay for them? Are grants an option?
  • Does the type of business represent a good fit for Mound and its long-term vision?
  • Does the type of business complement existing companies and their technological capabilities?
  • Synergy with existing companies may be an important factor.
  • Does Mound possess equipment needed for the business?
  • Are there company needs that could be met through regional economic development organizations or business and technology networks?

We strive to assemble the best package of facilities and services that will position Mound tenants for success.

Mound can help your company grow with extraordinary facilities, equipment and a program of business assistance services tailored to your needs.  Contact us today to find out what we can do for you.