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To foster collaboration among the area’s leading businesses, honoring our technology-rich history while preserving natural resources, and contributing to the success of this region’s economy.


The Mound Business Park will continue to be a substantial asset to the community and expand as its tenants thrive, becoming recognized as the campus where the area’s most innovative companies set the pace for growth and job creation in Miamisburg and the greater Dayton region.

Mound Attracts Innovative Companies

At Mound, you'll be surrounded by a culture of innovation stemming from the site's 50-year history as one of the country's top research laboratories for the Department of Energy.  Now Mound has been transformed into an ideal location for all types of companies; i.e., research, technology, marketing, engineering, and manufacturing.

Our tenants are a mix of research and development businesses in areas such as emerging energy, alternative and renewable energy technologies, fuel cell technologies, nano materials, advanced manufacturing technologies, materials processing technologies and optoelectronics.  In addition to these types of businesses, boi Solutions focuses on multimedia components, content delivery technology, networks and automated control to integrate a solution for any application in a design/build company focusing on media collaboration for key Fortune 50 companies.

Mound businesses are well positioned to collaborate with the Dayton region's technology-focused organizations such as Wright Patterson Air Force Base (and its resident Air Force Research Lab), the University of Dayton Research Institute, Wright State University's Center for Innovation Management, and the National Center for Industrial Competitiveness, among others.

Learn more about the great opportunities to start or grow your business at Mound. Contact the Mound Development Corporation today for more information.

Mound Real Estate Products and Business Assistance Services Help Companies Compete

Today, Mound is focused on maximizing its assets to spark business growth, employment, innovation and competitiveness. We offer unique and powerful benefits that drive competitiveness:

  • 15 shovel-ready sites on 190 acres available for development
  • Specialized and generic existing space built to robust (Category 3 - "Essential Facility") construction standards. This includes office, warehouse, light manufacturing, wet laboratory and dry laboratory space, and clean room facilities
  • Ultra-reliable, redundant electrical service and powerful IT infrastructure
  • Flexible lease and/or purchase terms
  • Grant identification, strategy, writing and management
  • PR and marketing assistance
  • Commercial property management
  • A region, state, and congressional elected officials supportive of business growth
  • Access to the combined workforces of Dayton and Cincinnati
  • Connection to technology-oriented and economic development organizations
  • A rich variety of nearby amenities
  • Professional sports marketing
  • Engineering & Architecture
  • Sales & Marketing

Mound Is Home To Companies With Global Impact

The legacy of innovation has been continued by a number of Mound's scientists-turned-entrepreneurs, who have developed successful companies at the site. Many Mound tenants are at the forefront of research and development initiatives with global impact in markets such as these:

  • Emerging energy technologies
  • Green power/fuel technologies
  • Nanoscience and nanotechnologies applications
  • Fuel cell materials
  • Fuel cell test instruments
  • Optoelectronics and sensors
  • Materials processing
  • Batteries

Mound tenant companies have attracted millions of dollars in grants to advance their technologies and find commercial applications for government-sponsored research.

Site Improvements

An attractive business park has emerged at Mound – Financial support from the federal government, the state of Ohio and other jurisdictions has allowed the Mound Development Corporation to invest more than $40 million in site improvements.  A comprehensive reuse plan has provided direction for transforming the site from a highly secure, government weapons complex to a modern business park situated on an open campus of rolling hills and beautiful vistas.

The improvements have included:

  • Buildings renovation and construction
  • Constructing tenant finishes
  • Green space creation and landscaping
  • Construction of a bikeway and walking areas
  • Constructing new roadways, including street lighting
  • Expanding and lighting parking lots
  • Decentralizing heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Improving utility systems
  • Remodel for lab, office space model space

The site has gone 'green' with energy-efficient systems – Mound Development Corporation is making the site's operations and those of tenants more "green" by installing new, energy-efficient HVAC controls in buildings. Connected to the Internet, the systems are monitored and regulated remotely through a Web-based interface, resulting in a 30 percent savings in energy consumption.

Dayton Power and Light Energy Resources, a subsidiary of DP&L, the area's electric utility, has installed at Mound its first client-specific solar array in the region.  Plans are moving forward to implement projects featuring wind and thermal sources as well as new technologies for energy-efficient building systems.  Mound is committed to making improvements that will help tenant companies grow.  Contact us to find out what we can do for your business.